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Friday, February 7, 2014

Daily Quran And Hadith

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English Translation of Al-Quran
[28].Surah Al-Qasas [The Narration]
Ayat 19. Then when Musa PBUH (Moses) decided to seize the man who was an enemy to both of them, the man said: "O Musa (Moses)! Is it your intention to kill me as you killed a man yesterday? Your aim is nothing but to become a tyrant in the land, and not to be one of those who do right."
Tafseer of Surah Al-Qasas (The Narration) Ayat 19. Then, when he decided to lay hold of the man who was an enemy to both of them, that man said: "O Moses! Is it thy intention to slay me as thou slewest a man yesterday? Thy intention is none other than to become a powerful violent man in the land, and not to be one who sets things right!" When Moses considered further that the Egyptian was unjust and that the Egyptian was an enemy to Israel generally (including both Moses and the man assaulted), he was going to intervene again, when he received a double warning, one from the Egyptian who was fighting, and the other from some man (Israelite or Egyptian) who was friendly to him, as explained below. We may suppose that after the first day’s fight, there had been a great deal of talk in the bazaars, both among Israelites and Egyptians. Probably the Israelites were elated at finding a champion-perhaps more elated than they should have been, and in a provocative mood, which deserved Moses’ rebuke. Probably the Egyptians had discussed who this new champion was, and had already appraised the Palace, to which Moses had not dared to return. The Egyptian saw the tactical advantage of his position. In effect he said: ‘We have found out all about you. You live in the Palace, and yet you come clandestinely and kill our Egyptians. Are you going to do the same with me? You are nothing but a bully! And you talk of setting things right! That is what you should do if you were true to your salt!’


English Translation of Hadith
Hazrat Abu Dharr (May Allah be pleased with him) reported: The Messenger of Allah [SAWW](PBUH) said, "I see what you do not see and I hear what you do not hear; heaven has squeaked, and it has right to do so. By Him, in Whose Hand my soul is, there is not a space of four fingers in which there is not an angel who is prostrating his forehead before Allah, the Exalted. By Allah, if you knew what I know, you would laugh little, weep much, and you would not enjoy women in beds, but would go out to the open space beseeching Allah".
[At-Tirmidhi Hadith # 2312]
Lesson : This Hadith also highlights the importance of fear of Allah because the more awareness a Muslim has of the Majesty and Magnificence of Allah, the greater shall be the terror in his heart for His punishment and hope of His Mercy. With this state of mind, he will perform greater acts of obedience and abstain more rigidly from sins.
2. The Hadith also mentions the heaven teeming with angels who are all the time prostrating before Allah in worship. When this is the condition of the angels, who do not slack for a moment in the obedience of Allah, how important it is for man to worship Him because he is all the time violating commands of Allah. It is, therefore, incumbent on man to obey Allah and always seek His Help and Refuge.

Thursday, October 6, 2011


And if We make man taste mercy from Us, then take it off from him, most surely he is despairing, ungrateful. 
[11. Surah Hud : Ayah 10]
And if We make him taste a favor after distress has afflicted him, he will certainly say: The evils are gone away from me. Most surely he is exulting, boasting.
[11. Surah Hud : Ayah 11]
Except those who are patient and do good, they shall have forgiveness and a great reward.

[70. Surah Al-Ma'arij : Ayah 19]
Surely man is created of a hasty temperament.

[70. Surah Al-Ma'arij : Ayah 20]
Being greatly grieved when evil afflicts him.
[70. Surah Al-Ma'arij : Ayah 21]
And niggardly when good befalls him.
[70. Surah Al-Ma'arij : Ayah 22]
Except those who pray.
[70. Surah Al-Ma'arij : Ayah 23]
Those who are constant at their prayer.
[70. Surah Al-Ma'arij : Ayah 24]
And those in whose wealth there is a fixed portion.
[70. Surah Al-Ma'arij : Ayah 25]
For him who begs and for him who is denied (good).

Our Lord! grant us good in this world and good in the hereafter, and save us from the chastisement of the fire.